Friday, March 26, 2010

RFID Inventory Control Software is the Latest Technology

RFID inventory control software is the technology of the future, but it is available today. The cost of the tags keeps getting lower and lower. Right now, the cost may be comparable to your other tagging options. Regardless of the cost, it is a worthwhile investment. Here's why.

In case you are unfamiliar with the technology, radio-frequency ID tagging has been used to track wild animals and livestock for at least a couple of decades. The predecessors to the devices were used by the allies in World War II to identify aircraft as friends or foes.

It was the ability to make the tags smaller and smaller that made it feasible to use them in asset tracking. Gillette reportedly ordered 500 million of them in 2003, at a price nearly comparable to that of standard price tags and far lower than the cost of electronic inventory control tags.

Knowing that the technology is being used by large companies is great, but the small business owner, which might include you, has to wonder about affordability. If tracking your assets is an important part of your quarterly profit and loss statement, you can hardly afford to be without RFID inventory control software. There is simply nothing that is more efficient or more reliable.

If real time tracking means anything to you, there is no other system that allows for it. Most other monitoring systems are only accurate at the end of the business day or on the following day. It is not unusual to see retail employees wandering through the aisles looking for an item that the computer shows as on-hand, only to learn that it was sold earlier in the day.

In shipping businesses, the tracking devices can be used to locate various components and estimate the time that each piece will arrive. This allows the business that will receive the components to schedule personnel and be prepared when the truck comes in.

RFID tags are being used to keep track of everything from the size of an ant to the monster-sized mining equipment. With the right inventory control software in place, any company large or small can be more efficient and their books can be more accurate.

The tags may put an end to employee theft and shoplifting. The tags can be small enough to avoid detection. If they happen to make it out of the store, they can be tracked from relatively long distances.

To sum it up, inventory control software that makes use of RFID tracking is the way to go, whether your business is large, small or somewhere in between. It will help to increase your company's bottom-line profits.

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